Who We Are

We started out as a team of people who simply loved playing the lottery. After some discussion and research, we have decided to launch this service to make playing the lottery more convenient for consumers. We have teamed up with an experienced web-development group and customer service team to ensure the highest quality build for our service.

How does it work?

LottoAde is an online service available to everyone that loves playing the lottery in New York State. To buy a lottery ticket, you need to simply choose your membership option and create an account. As a member you will be able to purchase lottery tickets through our exclusive platform. We have features such as online ticket ordering, secure ticket storage, winning collection and deposit into your LottoAde account. You can also order through public groups to pool tickets and create and manage your own lottery group.

Simply place your order using our web interface and we go to the store for you! We have secure storage for all of our client’s tickets. We will mail you any winning tickets you have ordered. If your winning ticket has a high yield, we will have to arrange your preferred method of delivery. You are the owner of the ticket at all times; we simply act as a representative on your behalf. You pick your favorite numbers and decide whether to play by yourself or pool your tickets into a group to increase your chances of winning. You can easily manage your account online using our web interface, allowing you to play the lottery without the hassle of running to the store.

How do ticket subscriptions work?

How do ticket subscriptions work?

Ticket subscriptions are credit based, since each lottery type (i.e. Powerball & MegaMillions) costs a specific amount of money to play. MegaMillions costs $1 per standard ticket where as Powerball costs $2 per standard ticket. Each lottery type has two drawings per week.

One credit is worth $2. This is because one credit allows you to subscribe to a twice weekly drawing. This means you will be charged 1 credit but you will receive 2 tickets, one for each drawing. We will purchase the same ticket number you have selected for both lottery drawings.

Ticket subscriptions are only available to members of LottoAde. The monthly membership fee does not include any credits. To subscribe to a ticket subscription plan, please click here.

Is LottoAde Legal?

Yes. We abide by all New York Lottery Gaming Commissions. LottoAde is prohibitied from offering its services to individuals and/or entities outside of New York State. We follow all city, state and federal business registration and tax requirements. LottoAde is not directly or indirectly affiliated with any state lottery.

We do not “sell” lottery tickets or participate in the earnings of any winnings, nor do we receive any commissions from a lottery organization for providing this service. In compliance with the New York state lottery, we do not charge the consumer more or less than the cost of each lottery ticket. For more information about our legal structure, see our Privacy, Security & Legal page.

Who operates LottoAde?

Based in New York, our managers are lottery fans whose simple goal is to make it more convenient for consumers to play their state lottery. We have an experienced website development group, customer service department and management team who have been in the consumer services industry for many years. For more specifics on our team and company, see about us page.

How much does it cost?

We do not charge any more than the cost of a lottery ticket at a store. We do not take any portion of your winnings. Our revenue is based solely on our customer’s monthly/annual membership plans.

Can I pick my own numbers?

Yes, with you can your own numbers.

Everything you need to know about Lottoade

Welcome to Lottoade! We Are Your Number One Choice for Ordering Online Lottery Tickets. Tired of making a trip to the gas station multiple times a week to play your favorite New York Lottery games? Had enough with lost or stolen lottery tickets? Need a better way to pool with friends and family?


At Lottoade, we offer the best way to experience the lottery by allowing you to order lottery tickets online. Our safe and secure network allows you to track your lottery tickets digitally to ensure that you are the only person who can claim your prize. Playing the lottery is even more convenient with an automatic drawing subscription. Choose to order manually or choose to be entered automatically.


Lottoade offers a variety of tools and applications for increasing your chances of picking winning lottery numbers. Our Random Number Picks applications provide a fun and engaging way to get you ahead of the curve when you order tickets online.


Develop your playing strategy by collaborating with other Lottoade members in our online community. We offer an active forum where you can share tips or just enjoy your love for the game. Integrate your social media and invite your friends to play in pools. Play as a group and increase your chances of winning anywhere from two to one hundred members. It has never been easier to participate in an online Lotto community. You can also play at random with other Lottoade members by using our Play In Groups option.


Lottoade is New York’s favorite place to purchase lottery tickets online. This is because its fast, easy, convenient and 100% of the winnings go to the person who orders the lottery ticket. Lottoade is extremely flexible, allowing our members to manually pick their numbers and track their status. Monthly membership is available to allow participants to choose which option best fits their lifestyle. Our number one goal is to provide the most user-friendly and connected Lottery service in the state of New York. We believe that offering up-front and honest services allows our customers to fully engage in the Lottoade experience.

For more information about Lottoade view our FAQ page

I am not a resident of New York. Can I still participate?

Currently, LottoAde provides a service to New York residents only. Current gaming laws prevent us from offering this service to any individual outside of New York State.